Monday, May 5, 2014

Beethoven, Sibelius & Tchaikovsky Symphonies - Sanderling, BRSO & BPO, First Classics

Rare live recordings in 1990 (Beethoven), 1997 (Sibelius) & 1992 (Tchaikovsky)
Great live recordings by Kurt Sanderling in 1990s, only issued in First Classics. For more rare live recordings, please visit HQclassical.
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  2. At first listen of the Pastoral, I thought the tempo was a little slow, could be just another beating time performance. But as I keep on listening, the different instruments voices are so beautiful, just when I thought the tempo is going to break down, somehow it is this broad tempo that hold the whole symphony together. The BRSO played beautifully, any lesser band with this Sanderling broad tempo could falter easily. The conducting is simply superb.

    I also just listened to the Sibelius 2nd, it is excellent as well. Coming from the Bernstein VPO camp, this is a lot cooler !