Monday, May 5, 2014

Baidu Yun Tutorial

As mentioned in Introduction, HQclassical using Baidu Yun as file hosting. In the following, I'm going to show you how to use Baidu Yun to upload and download files. In fact it's as simple as any other online storage except in Chinese.

I. Download directly without Baidu Yun
For each post in this blog and HQclassical, you will see a download link at the end of the page:
链接: 密码:crq4 (链接=link, 密码=password)
When you open the link, first enter the "密码(password)" and then extract the file.
After extracting the file, a download page will appear. We'll talk about "Save to your personal file storage" later and you can just click "下载(Download directly)"
Again, we will talk about "加速下载(Premium download)" later and here just click "(普通下载)Normal download" and the download will begin immediately.

II. Using Baidu Yun to Upload and Share
The above is for download only. If you want to upload, which you must do so in HQclassical in order to earn "money" to download the other recources, you need to use Baidu Yun, the unique software of Baidu file hosting.
To download Baidu Yun, go to
Besides, you also need a Baidu account to use Baidu Yun. With this personal account, you can save resources to your own online storage just by one click. The advantage is that even if the original poster deleted the file, you can still download it because it's saved in your own online storage.
Then you will receive an activation email, click the link in the email to complete the registration.
Then open Baidu Yun, log in with your register details.
On the main page of Baidu Yun, you will see the following functions:
Now you can click "上传(Upload)" on the left-hand side to upload resources you want to share. You can also check the progress by clicking "传输列表(Upload and download page)".
Once you complete the upload, the file will appears in "全部文件(All files)". If you want to share it, just select and click the button "创建分享(Creat share link)" as showed:
Then a new window appears. There are two ways to share your file, publicly or privately. If you choose to share publicly, a link will be generated without password. Or if you choose to share privately, a link will be generated with password. In HQclassical, we strongly recommend you to use the latter one. Because by sharing publicly, some members or even the public will be able to acquire resources without sharing anything, which is a serious violation of our "Share and Gain" principle. After choosing "私密分享Share privately", click "创建私密链接(Create private share link)".
Then a link with password appear. Click "复制链接及密码(Copy link and password)" and paste in your post.

III. Using Baidu Yun to Download
For save and download using Baidu Yun, just turn back to picture No. 2 & 3:
If you click "Save to your personal file storage", then the file will be saved to your own Baidu Yun and you can download it at any time even after the poster deleted it.
On this page, if you click "加速下载(Premium download)", Baidu Yun will start to download automatically. Using Baidu Yun is always faster than "普通下载(Normal download)" and it also supports break point transmission.

That's basically all the things you need to know about Baidu Yun at this stage. We'll teach you more about Baidu Yun in the future.
If you still have questions after reading this tutorial, please leave comment under this post and our administrators will reply to you as soon as possible.
Hope you enjoy.


  1. I tried to register on the site Baidu Yong, as you wrote. To complete the registration needed to write my mobile phone number. But the phone code of my country (Russia, 007) was not in the list of proposed matches. What to do in this case?

  2. Well, all this effort for a download. Forget it. Besides, I don't install strange software!

  3. Why not use Mega? Fast, easy, free, in English, and no need to install any weird software that's probably a malware-spyware sandwich.

  4. Besides, the linked website doesn't correspond with these instructions.